I’m a naturephotographer from Finland where most of my photos are also from. You may have seen my work on magazines, books and commercials.

Though I like to capture moments from various things in nature my favorite subjects are world of macro and those little details that usually get unnoticed.

I try to transfer all those moments and ambiances to the viewer as best as I can.

I often like also to experiment with postprocessing and bring out my artistic view even more this way.

Review about K-3

K-3 feels pretty much same in hand as my K-5. There are couple of changes in the button layout mainly for AF and its settings but I've learned those quickly. I'm glad that batteries of my previous body (K-5) fits also K-3.

First thing I noticed is the new LCD monitor. It's big and sharp and there's no more top and bottom black bars when viewing images.

Shooting with K-3 feels fast and camera is really responsive. AF speed is pretty much same as before but a lot more accurate in low light conditions. Continous high-speed shooting is amazingly fast and I'm sure I won't be missing any action with this body.

The biggest improvement for me was the sharpness of the photos. As K-3's sensor doesn't have AA-filter I get really nice details out of my photos.
ISO performance and dynamic range are pretty much same as they were on my K-5 which is great because now I have more resolution with K-3.
There is also setting designed to simulate the effect of an AA filter which removes moire when needed. Though I haven't seen moire in my photos which are mostly shot in nature it can be seen sometimes in repetitive patterns. I tested moire reduction with this kind of scene and it works quite nicely.

Of course there are lot of nice features that you can expect from this body as weather sealing and in body shake reduction. These make shooting with Pentax easy as you won't have to be worried about getting your equipment wet or dusty and you can concentrate just photographing. You also get shake reduction for all K-mount lenses. I'm sure K-3 will be in my camera bag for a long time because of its great performance and features.