I have begun to take photographs out of a mood and also out of pastime in 2010.
Already my first camera was a Pentax K x, in white of course.
Over the Internet I got fast in contact with people that took care of me. They trained and demanded my skills. Criticism was and is a challenge for me, working on my skills again and again. My ambition was woken and I spent every weekend the hours round sunrise by the sea. I spent the nights at the PC taught myself the way of image processing until the on and other photo became a picture.

My love belongs the black white photography.
The Internet as the platform to present my work was not longer enough for me any more. Equipped with a Pentax K-R I went on search for pictures, to take part in competitions.
Small, fine and right imperious competitions  led me  up to a master title (Nordmarkmeisterin 2013). By my participation in the competitions I also found access to expositions and photo shooting orders. I created more picture and series, as the series "Büro am Meer".
By chance I took photographs of my first artiste, EL Kote from Chile, at a street party in 2012.   My pictures of him are held by his agency in Chile and are used to advertise for him.
Other  artistes followed and a photo exposition arose in Vienna. Further artistes are already registered in my appointment book this year, too.

Since autumn 2013 I own a Pentax K 30 and again in white ... of course.
For some time I have the possibility to take photographs with a Pentax K-3 and I meet new tasks and challenge. I develop new ideas, partly crinkly ideas.
Because everybody can simply and I am simply everybody.

My last year …
An order with the working title "Das Büro am Meer (The office by the sea)”. A series of 20 pictures which is presented large-sized in the company of my customer now.

A shooting with the artiste El Diabolero, for an exposition of 20 large-sized pictures in a theatre in Vienna.

An order of the company Gosch Sylt to equip the new restaurant in Timmendorfer Strand with 12 large-sized pictures as a permanent exhibition.

Further three exposition in Itzehoe, Bad Lasphe and in Nortof.

Successful participation in various Photo Contest, among other things the profit of the Silbermedallie in the nationwide competition to the theme "Fremdkörper (alien element)", the title "Nordmarkfotomeisterin 2013", various certificates and acceptances of photographs. The publications of some of my pictures in magazines as for example "Fotoforum".

Review about K-3

Or why of all things the Pentax K-3?

Who has ever seen my photos or also only be once with me on a tour by the sea knows that I am never dry and without being powdered with sand climbs into my car to drive home again.

I admit that my first two cameras (Pentax K-R and Pentax K-x) despite a permanent cleaning torture become polluted quit fast. Perhaps this is ma be also the reason why I got during image processing faster and more thoroughly in removing spots.

So what I needed, the photographer, which dug her self deeply in the sand and always got far too close to the water? A camera sealed up perfectly and there it was the new Pentax K 3!

When I finally held the Pentax K-3 in my hands, my first way led me to the beach. The weather matched fine fore a first test, fog and lighten drizzle and I was very curiously about the first results of the camera witch should be sealed up so ideally. First I noticed the high processing speed of the camera the auto focus, the trigger, the storage of the data as well as the operation of this camera worked unbelievably well. The lock and feel were exactly my taste a directly, robust, fast camera that preserves fun. I love the menu-driven operation, which permits me a direct access to all-important functions without being forced to click me through numberless submenus. I was also interested in the extended ISO area. As I saw at the PC afterwards the noise just in the dark areas of the pictures was very low, indicates that these photos immensely won at quality and clarity.

Yes, the Pentax K-3 convinced me from the first moment on.

Even if the camera is very much like me after a tour on the beach, soaked and with sand powdered, it keeps what it is promising.

How does one say still, searched and found?

More over still my reliable, robust and perfect partner.