Ogun Caglayan Turkay’s photography style is specialized in finding hard targets. This means sometimes “hard to find species” or sometimes just conditions in “hard” like extreme cold or hot, especially in muddy wetland areas, forest and mountains. That’s why he uses and needs the sense of confidence of PENTAX equipments.

His favourite locality for photographying is off-road places and he likes to take photographs of natural things in their life/habitats with ethic rules. He is a MSc. Wildlife Ecologist and naturally interested in photography about the science of biology.

He needs to feel the power with his equipments because he can’t find large number of chances of taking photographs of species again and again. Sharpness, stability, durability and speed are the greatest expectations of him, so he can maximize his chance of capturing great shots.

He gives the photographs to scientific channels and publications for free, because he has one simple belief; “If we document and describe every detail of the every magical creature in our unique nature, we can show to next generation and then we can protect the World and future also for us!”

Photography is a great tool for raise the awareness for whom uses visual intelligence like us...

Review about K-3

The Concentrated Compact Monster!

First of all I should say that: “I am not a classic reviewer, I am a user”. :) So I cannot talk over specs one by one which written on spec-sheet and I will try to write my general impressions with the K-3 as a PENTAX user, like you…

PENTAX K-3 is a Real Field Camera!

It has a strong, tough body design like its predecessor K-5 series (and K-7) and it has a lot of significant changes on it too.

Ergonomics are just perfect! Body material, rubber grip and card/battery doors etc. sturdy and gives good feeling, as always. 3.2” LCD screen is quite nice, big, comfortable and suitable to see from any angle with new air-gapless design and anti-reflective coating technology. Buttons are very well positioned and new improved user interface is just too fine to reach every parameters. Image playback, zooming in and out is extremely fast (of course, thanks to a powerful hardware at the background).

I tried the system under rain; in swamps which is filled with dusty, polliniferous reeds; and at -18 oC degrees temperature. That frosty cold moment, it was covered with ice by melted snow and worked without any problem. I have been very pleased!

Some innovations…

New 4-way directional control buttons group has notches at the top of buttons and this new design allows diagonal navigation feature on images.

New mode dial lock switch is a nice application too (; sometimes I do not want to use it in locked for fast changes). Also new photo/video switch-key and specialized video start/stop button is really nice new stuffs.

New “Anti-Aliasing Filter Simulator” is a real unique application in the history of DSLR camera which uses little vibrations of Shake-Reduction system. It removes the moiré by creating micro blur effects and this feature is very useful also for bird photographing because bird feathers creates that easily.

New "Auto tracking" and "AF-Hold" features are useful too and nice solutions for capturing the moving objects. Especially “AF-Hold” function is very very useful when taking tele shots. It is holding focused point with three different sensitivity levels and allows to keep the object always in focused/sharp condition; exactly.

For example when I try to take a photo of a bird on a tree branch, it keeps the net area (regarding preferred measuring time). Then I can take second and third shots when the bird is came back again to the same point; without any re-focus attempts to the background. Also new auto focus and tracking capability with the "Auto-27" or "Auto-9" modes is so good for BIF (birds-in-flight) shots.


I cannot talk about K-3 as it is only a camera body because I am accepting as a system. (That is the job of techno-bloggers. ;) )

My favorite setup consists of a combination of smc PENTAX DA Star 300mm F4 ED (IF) SDM and HD PENTAX-DA 1.4X AW Rear Converter. It equals a 420mm F5.6 prime lens with the new “HD coating” feature and it is razor-sharp! I could not try the new HD PENTAX DA 560mm F5.6ED AW lens yet but I am pretty sure to that it gives better results with more close shots.

By the way, I was used before some couple of another branded tele-converters which has power zoom contacts -and not-; but I could not feel the system in safe. Now I am feeling completely seamlessly in my mind with the new complete WR sealed combination. That’s why I am happy. :)

It is fast as which I need and stable in all respects. I always find my photos in exact sharp and net area.
So, I recommend this lovely camera to every kind of photographers and hobbyists. This “Concentrated Compact Monster” is full filled by several incredible functions!

Especially you should experience the power of its new 86,000-pixel RGB light-metering sensor capability about enhanced accuracy of exposure. Really hard to get over-exposed backgrounds or real dark-shaded areas on the pictures.

Also new image processing unit which called “PRIME III Image Processor” is working very well, indeed! It is improved and working great! I was used/tested all previous model of PENTAX DSLR bodies but it was not like in K-3. Both PEF and DNG formatted RAW files gives real colors. (I didn't see before such a nice colored RAW results!) Feels like the use a CCD sensor. This means any ‘batch image processing software’ suitable to use for fast publishing, without a problem. In this perspective, it is a really key feature, especially for journalists and media photographers.

I can say easily: “Ricoh was made a Great Progress for Developing it”! I am really happy to work with PENTAX systems and want to say thanks to RICOH!..

All the Best!